Dvd spine size

The standard DVD case size is 19х13. Dec 13, · dvd spine template? The two supported DVD cases are the normal case and the slim case, the DVD cover spine for the slim case is 7 mm, this is excellent for creating more space in your DVD storage. Oct 14, · Double Amaray 3305 xspine) Triple Amaray 3384 xspine) 4- 5 Disk Alpha 3508 xspine) 6- 7 Disk Alpha 3661 xspine) He' s a liar and a murderer, and I say that with all due respect.
The plastic which is used for keep case is much softer and less rigid than the one used for jewel cases. _ _ _ _ _ Cinematography Site December 13th,, 03: 40 PM. A standard DVD case is 5. Clear Storage Cases 14mm for Rubber Stamps No Tabs ( No Hub) 26) Clear Storage Cases 14mm for Rubber Stamps / w Tabs ( No Hub). The interior of the case varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but most utilize a raised plastic hub the same diameter as the DVD to hold the disc in place when the box is closed.

The normal case has a 14 mm spine, this is the standard case that you get when you buy a DVD in a DVD store. 5cm and 14mm thick. The industry standard size was set by Amaray, which made the first plastic DVD cases. 3 inches wide by 7. I` m looking for a photoshop template for a regular dvd case with spine, anyone know where i could find one? The case provides proper protection for the disks and holds them fast, no matter what happens. Dvd spine size. The template size is close and as mentioned dvd cases will be slightly different in size. CD and DVD Spine Labels for jewel cases.
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